CHORA, means town in Greek. From this small town in Mykonos Greece, we are the centre of furniture and decoration for all our customers, all over the world.
ART is an expression, Unique items that will accomplish your greatest expectations.
HOME is the place we live, we want your home to be warm and hospitable filled with gorgeous Colours and matching items.
Our professional opinion will be combined with your needs and the result will outshine your imagination.
DESIGN ing rare creations our goal.

We feel at Chora Art Home & Design that we can provide all the knowledge to Decorate your Residense.

Our Projects

Chora Art Home & Design undertakes a lot of projects worldwide. Our goal is to combine the client’s dream at the highest possible level with the most exclusive and unique furnitures. The magic of Mykonos Island is captured to any project, giving a feeling of luxury, nature, freedom and always inspired by our aesthetic of the space that we will create.
Every dream can come true and every house , restaurant , hotel and not only,  can be transferred into a magical place.
Your trust and love rewarded us with three international distinctions:  “Interior Design Award”, “Seven Stars Luxury Home and Hotel Decoration Supplier” and “Seven Stars Luxury Home and Hotel Decoration”.
Our promise is to create the most unique and desirable pieces which can elevate any project…

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