Rope Umbrellas

We create exclusive designs for rope umbrellas using high quality of cotton rope and oak structure to have your best shading experience. Skilled craftsmen knit by hand with passion and love every umbrella top and every piece is special.
Fringes, macrame or tassels finish add a special touch to its construction and are able to turn your beach, garden or pool into a stunning place with a unique character.
A new era begins with the manufacture of the umbrellas using a Polypropylene non-combustible UV rope. Polypropylene rope is produced via chain-growth polymerization from the monomer propylene and is slightly harder and more heat resistant. The oak construction can be replaced by a stainless steel structure and creates the most desirable umbrellas.
Our love for creating unique products with finest quality pushed us to secure the patent of umbrellas in Design Registration Certificate with patent number 20180600070.
You can choose between designs and colors and customize each umbrella according to your needs. The result will definitely meet your expectations and transform your place into an oasis of unique outdoor space.
The choice is yours…

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